Downton Abbey Marathon Cowl

I had read so much about the show, ‘Downton Abbey’ on PBS, and the knits and costumes, so I had to go and check it out.  Settling down to watch from the beginning – it started from two years ago – I also picked up the Casablanca Cascade yarn that I had finished winding up and started a new project.  As if I needed another WIP lying around the house …

After a couple hours of knitting, this is how much I got done … maybe an inch and a half wide.  I really wanted to try the Linen Stitch again, and this time, I resolved to do it the proper way … whatever way that is.


So I casted on about 400 stitches.  I say ‘about’ because again I lost count.  And because it was another cowl, the pattern stitch was slightly modified again.  There’s no purl here; I just go round and round in the following pattern:  k1, sl1 wyif *
*Edited – It’s just the two stitches, repeated throughout, knitting in the round continuously.  Just make sure that the k1 stitch is above the sl1 stitch from the row below; and the sl1 stitch is above the k1 stitch from the row below.  

For this pattern to work continuously, the stitches cast on must be an odd number.  If you end up with an even number, then just knit two together, to reduce it, and continue on.

This is what the pattern and stitches looks like, close-up.  The tension is a little tight, I think.  but I was liking the effect of the variegated colours.


Two seasons and three days later …


Another three inches added, and I’m almost done with the first ball of yarn.  A second ball should bring it to about seven inches wide, which shouldn’t be too bad.


My tension is still a little tight; I tried to loosen up a bit, so that the stitches would show up better.  But I’m really liking this effect.  I have plans to make another one, this time using two different solid-coloured yarn.  That should make the ‘v’ in the pattern stand out more.


Oh, and the only knits I’ve seen in ‘Downton Abbey’ is Daisy sitting at the kitchen table knitting, and wearing a tam while out in town (which I thought look crocheted), and vintage crocheted tablecloths.  There’s lots of beautiful embroidery, and of course there’s lots of woolen clothing.  Maybe I just didn’t see it, I was busy knitting.  But do go and watch it.  I still have Season 3 to go … maybe I’ll finish this by the last episode too 🙂


  1. Q – I’m still working on my Linen Stitch scarf, Curls is much better at finishing things. You can see her completes scarf on our blog. I do love that stitch! Your yarn is wonderful

    • Thanks! Don’t want to finish off the project yet I’m enjoying the yarn and stitch pattern. But I think I’m still not doing the linen stitch right. Maybe next time.

      • Q – It looks wonderful! It sure makes a totally different type of fabric than garter or stockinette. I like the idea of making a cowl.

        Watching Downton Abbey and knitting. Ah, can life get any better?

      • I just came across your blog. I love love your cowl. So this is what I’m understanding : you used Cascade yarns Casablanca in jewel tones, the pattern is *k1,s1,wyif* repeat CO uneven number. Using size 8 circular needles. This is what I don’t understand : how many skeins of each color and how often do you change colors?? Thanks in advance

        • Hi Barbara, the Casablanca jewel tones is a multi-coloured yarn and self-striping. I used two skeins for this cowl. If you want to use different solid colours, that would work too. You change colours every row or every two rows.
          Thanks for visiting and good luck with your project!

          • Thanks so much for your quick response. I just checked the Cascade Yarn Casablanca color ways and I’m not see Jewel tones. I do see jemstone. I’m wanting mine to look just like yours.

            Once again thanks,


  2. I want to purchase the same yarn. I looked online for it but I am not sure what color you used. Could you please share the color code or its name? It is scrumptious -:)

  3. Love the cowl (and Downton), is the stitch pattern k1, sl1 wyif, k1, sk1 wyif, or is is the repeat k1, sl1 wyif, k1, then k1, sl1 etc.?

    • Hi Jan. Thanks for your question.
      The pattern I’m using for this is: * k1, sl1 wyif * Repeat from * to * throughout.
      Since this is a cowl and knit in the round continously, it’s the same two stitches throughout.
      I’ve corrected what I wrote in the text above; it is rather mis-leading and looks like there’s two knit stitches in between the sl1 (although that might come out interesting too!)

      • Thank you so much! I thought that was probably the case, but just wanted to be sure. Although you’re right, it may come out interesting the other way as well!

  4. Marissafh, I LOVE Maggie Smith too. She IS the show.
    They are making season 4, but in the meantime you can watch the first 3 on By the way, it is Downton, not Downtown.

    • Hi Pat – yes, I’ve been watching the first two seasons for this marathon session, and I went on PBS to watch Season 3. Hulu didn’t have Season 3 yet. Can’t wait for Season 4 – and more of Maggie Smith and the Dowager’s smart one-liners!

    • Thanks, Judy. It’s a wool/silk/mohair blend, in no.4 weight. I am using a size 8/5.0mm needles.

    • Thanks, Diana. I corrected Downton – I knew there was something wrong with it, but couldn’t figure it out!

      • I love the colors and the pattern on this. Thanks for sharing. I am obsessed with the show as most everyone I know. I am not good with the changes though. 🙂

    • Thanks much! I started watching Season 3 eagerly, but haven’t had a chance to watch more. I was just thinking that, if this was the last season or if they would make another one! Hope they do too!

  5. I have been trying to reply on this comment about the cowl, but my computer keeps shutting it down saying it has a virus attached to the website. My Comment: I LOVE IT! Sorry for yelling but this reminds me of years ago when I was watching “Batteries Not Included” with my soon to be hubby and I was working on a detailed cable knit sweater for his them 3x size. I got so carried away in the movie that I had to go back and make sure I had not messed up the pattern. His mom was there and she was amazed that I had not dropped a stitch or messed up the pattern that she told him if he did not marry me ( I cook real good too) he would disown him and adopt me. I love Downtown and have recorded all the espisodes on video cassette so I have them whenever I want them. I would love to see was Dame Maggie Smith would think of this cowl. I actually met her when I was about 12 years old at a local theater where she was presenting awards from that years acting season. Needless to say I am a huge fan! Linda Nolen Central California

    • *gasp!* you met Dame Maggie Smith? wow! Isn’t she great in the show? She cracks me up; I should collect her one-liners, they’re great! Sometimes I expect her to wave her wand and change them into cats or something, but that’s on the other show LoL.
      Yeah, I keep going back to check every couple of rows, just to make sure that I didn’t mess up. So far so good 🙂
      Thanks for the visit!

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