Reds Waves Cowl Finished

The Reds Waves Cowl, which I had started for National Crochet Month,  is finally done!


I finished the Reds Waves Cowl past midnight over the weekend.  I couldn’t wait till the morning to take a photo, so I snapped one before I went to bed to see what and how it looked like.  So this is what it looked like, hanging from my neck.


Here are better photos, taken in daylight.  It’s a little long for a wrap-around the neck cowl, and not long enough to twist twice around the neck. The width is long enough to cover your head, if needed, and I think that was the basis for my continuing to crochet it in these measurements.


I was worrying a bit about the colour sequence when I had to start a new ball of yarn. There’s a slight shift in the colour changes, but not noticeable. I also tried to match the single crochets to the trebles above it, but there were times when it didn’t, even though the count was correct. So I just went ahead with the row. You may notice that the waves don’t match, if you look closely.

When joining the two ends together, I used the same single crochet in back loop only.   It added an extra ridge to the pattern stitch sequence, which I think doesn’t look too bad.


Really pleased with the way this has turned out.  Now, if only my other ‘improvised and modified’ projects would work out so well!


How do you like this?

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