Reds Waves

Progress made on my project for National Crochet Month, which I had posted about earlier.

I finished the first ball of Cascade Casablanca Reds, and am winding up the second hank.  I think I’m going to call this my Reds Waves Cowl.  I know, I know … another cowl.  But it’s too wide (about 14 inches) and too short (about four feet) for a scarf.

I was lucky that I hit on the correct number of stitches, and the colour changes are aligning themselves up nicely 🙂   I say lucky, because I just started chaining, and when I liked the length, I stopped and started on the pattern.  I was already imagining it as horizontal wave pattern, with a diagonal colour change, which I thought would look good.  But this is good too.


Now I’m trying to decide if I should just continue the colour sequence, or start from the beginning of the row with whatever colour the new ball of yarn starts with …


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